Programmes Offered

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The School has both undergraduate and post graduate programmes. The postgraduate programmes are made up of the Master of Laws programme and the PhD in Law programme. The undergraduate programmes are the Full-time Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and the Part-time Evening Bachelor of Laws programme.

To qualify for admission to the School of Law a candidate must:

  1. Satisfy the General Entrance Requirements of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  2. Satisfy the Particular Entrance Requirements of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  3. Pass all courses in the first year of study, which must include English, and otherwise satisfy the requirement for the first year of study in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences; or
  4. Hold at least three ‘A’ level passes, a professional qualification equivalent to a degree or a degree in any field of study from a recognized institution.
  5. Be selected by the University for admission to the School of Law.
The course of study for the award of the Bachelor of Laws degree shall be completed in a period of:
  1. Not less than three and not more than five academic years in the  case of full-time students who have satisfied the requirements of the regulations.
  2. Not less that five and not more than eight academic years in all other cases (from the date of first registration for a course leading  to the degree).
For the purpose of computing the maximum period for the course of study where a person undertakes the study for the degree partly as a part-time and partly as a full-time student, ten courses successfully completed by the student shall count as one academic year.
  1. A part-time student shall register for three courses per semester.    
  2. A part-time student shall not be permitted to present himself/herself for examination in any course comprised in the Second or Third Examinations in law unless he/she has completed six out of ten courses comprised in the First Examination in law.        
  3. A full-time student shall normally be required to take ten courses in one academic year and except as provided for in regulation 8, no such candidate will be allowed to enter for the Second  Examination in Law until he/she has completed the whole of the First Examination in Law.
A course is one semester’s study of a subject in accordance with a syllabus prescribed by the Board of Studies. In order to complete a course, a candidate is required to fulfill the following:
  1. Attend such classes, tutorials, seminars, practical exercises and  field work as may be prescribed by the Board of Studies in consultation with the responsible tutor;
  2. Perform to the satisfaction of the Board of Studies such prescribed practical written and other work as shall be required; and
  3. Pass the prescribed examination.

The courses prescribed shall be numbered in the L200 series for those in the First Examination in law, L300 series for those in the Second Examination I Law and in the L400 series for all other courses.
For more information please consult the School of Law Handbook.


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