UNZA Law School Alumni Association

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The Law School Alumni Association is constituted by graduates of the University of Zambia - School of Law and its major objective is to support the School of Law in its endeavour to undergo a process of renewal.The School of Law was officially recognized as one of the schools of the University on 1st July 1967, two years after the University was set up. The School was housed in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Thirty-two students made up the first class and twenty-three of these graduated in 1970.  The objectives of the School as approved by the University Senate were to:

1. Join in the building and development of the legal system in Zambia and, generally, to make available the resources of the School in staff and students for the welfare of the community;
2. Produce lawyers in Zambia of quality at least as good as the best from abroad and better fitted to meet the needs of developing countries like Zambia; and
3. Be prepared to offer, where these are desirable and required, law-teaching facilities for other institutions of Zambia.

 Over the years, the School has produced almost all of the country’s law graduates, many of whom hold or have held some of the highest offices in the Land and beyond. The quality of many of these graduates has so far enabled the School to retain its position as the foremost law school in the country.  However the School has began to recognize that this elevated position cannot be maintained indefinitely without taking active steps towards a renewal of the School as a teaching institution of distinction.  The School’s renewal necessitates an infusion of both material and non material resources because although the School’s student population has increased ten-fold, its resources have dwindled in comparison thereby creating many challenges. These challenges include competition from emerging private universities; the quality of University of Zambia law students and graduates; the quality of the University of Zambia law teachers; the quality of the programmes offered by the School; the lack of adequate teaching and research materials; and the need to fundraise and construct a separate building to house the School of Law at the University of Zambia in order to finally give it both visibility and a tangible separate identity.  At the end of the National Colloquium on the Future of Legal Education in Zambia held from 28th -30th April 2008, the School with the support and input of its many stakeholders and alumni both locally and abroad, was able to articulate a clear strategy for achieving a renewed vision of the School:  A vision of the School as the leading institution of legal education in Zambia, providing a variety of postgraduate and undergraduate law programmes in a well resourced and conducive teaching environment, well attuned to the needs of Zambia today and in the future.  The formation of an alumni association was among the major resolutions of the Colloquium. Named the “Law School Alumni Association”, it was registered on 18th January 2010. It was launched at its first AGM which took place in Lusaka on 6thAugust 2010.   

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